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With any new business, there’s a honeymoon period where owners experience the joy of doing their own thing. When the honeymoon is over, it is not uncommon for conflicts between business partners to arise.  Too often we find our clients have not spent the necessary time to properly protect themselves at the outset of the relationship, later finding themselves in the proverbial soup with the business partners they once trusted.

Whatever corporate form your closely held business takes—be it a partnership, limited liability company, corporation, or other such entity—our trial attorneys have extensive courtroom experience litigating disputes over the control of closely held businesses. We’ve litigated countless cases involving freeze-out/squeeze-out schemes, shareholder oppression, fair dealing, dividend withholding, reasonable expectations, the business judgment rule, and fiduciary disputes.  Closely aligned with our Trusts and Estate Litigation practice, LLG’s lawyers working in the area of Corporate Control recognize that certain relationships in the law are elevated and require concentrated attention.

As business owners ourselves, we fully understand the dynamics in play. Whether you have been accused of oppression or are a minority member seeking advice, give us a call.

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