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Class actions wreak havoc on large corporations. Class and multi-party actions are also powerful weapons for individuals and small businesses who seek to leverage a large result from modest positions. LLG’s national class action practice focuses primarily on the rights of small businesses and individuals impacted by large-scale corporate initiatives. We are highly selective in the cases we take, and we take only those cases that will result in favorable settlements or can be convincingly won at trial. Consumer rights matter and good business practices should be enforced. Our Class Action practice group understands how to prosecute and defend cases at this scale.

When we litigate as plaintiffs, LLG seeks to marry its comprehensive knowledge of the class action process with those areas of the law in which we have substantive knowledge, including RICO, antitrust, franchise and distribution law, consumer protection, employment, and securities law.

Unlike many firms with class action experience, we are not isolated to one side of the caption: LLG also defends class actions. Our experience on the plaintiffs’ side enlightens our defense work and vice versa. Our defense practice combines our lawyers’ expertise in many areas of substantive law with our class action team’s experience in the class action process to successfully control liability for corporate clients who have been exposed to broad liability under federal or state class action provisions. Sometimes the best defense attorney is the one who has played the plaintiff’s offense before.  We know the playbook on both sides and use that knowledge to our client’s advantage.

Not all firms assert their willingness and ability to represent both plaintiffs and defendants in class actions; this is one more reason why LLG stands out. Having litigated both sides of bet-the-company cases in this area, we understand the dynamics of the litigation and settlement processes and can apply that knowledge to achieve client objectives efficiently.

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