You thought you knew . . . .

You thought you knew how your lawyers were supposed to be: buttoned-down, stolid, hyper-self-serious, and stern. You thought you knew what your lawyers were supposed to look like: tailored splendor and power ties. You thought you knew where your lawyers were supposed to be: settled in a high-rise, wrapped in mahogany, surrounded by “teems” of other lawyers, and based on a coast or in a metroplex. You thought you knew what your lawyers were supposed to do: deliberate, ponder, litigate, consider, litigate some more, and then water down their advice with qualifiers that leave you back at the starting line. Well, you thought wrong.

The founding partners of Laffey, Leitner and Goode LLC have forged a new path.

Fueled by passion for our client relationships, we deliver creative, relentless, efficient and energetic results with a roll-up-your-sleeves, dogged commitment to achieving success for you. LLG’s founding partners take their 80 years of first-chair trial experience, gained at firms large and small, and approach every element of your problems with strategies and actions thoughtfully designed to achieve the most important solutions and successes: those that meet your standards.

When your company or your insured is facing a fight for its existence, is confronted with emergency crises, or is the target of lawyer-driven litigation, your lawyers are right here in Milwaukee . . . in the heart of the Third Ward of this Midwestern jewel.

Now you know.

Please join us on this journey.