Greta Goode
It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce the passing of Greta Goode, Dog Mayor of LLG.

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce the passing of Greta Goode, Dog Mayor of LLG, the firm’s first associate, and our most beloved colleague.

Greta was the four-legged soul of LLG. She was a staple in the office and throughout Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. She brought with her a natural kindness and sensitivity we all strived to learn from. Always at foot, Greta was a constant pillar of support during long nights poring over briefs and an always-willing participant in several marketing efforts in which she would, inevitably and always, steal the show. She demanded and deserved a seat for most important meetings where existential issues were considered and consequential decisions were made.


Greta was a shelter adoption. She came to rescue Joe and Dina Goode via the terrific people at the Dane County Humane Society in Madison. DCHS has long had the support of Joe and our entire firm, thanks in no small part to how wonderful and enriching a presence Greta was in our lives. Please join us in honoring her memory by donating to DCHS at this link. Or, if you have a relationship with a shelter, rescue, or humane society that is near and dear to your heart, please leave a generous donation with that organization in honor of Greta Garbo Goode.

Beloved by her parents Joe and Dina, at 12+ years young, Greta left us too soon. We will forever be grateful for the time we had with her and will miss her always. To say she is irreplaceable would be to understate her importance to our firm.

We offer Joe and Dina our most sincere condolences.

“I cannot conceive that God would create such a creature as her to simply live and die on the Earth.” – Unknown

Godspeed, Greta.

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