“Joe Goode and his firm were recommended by another Milwaukee attorney to handle a difficult commercial dispute. They took an aggressive and preemptive position on my behalf to allow level heads to prevail over time. In the end, the result was the most positive outcome I could have asked for. Without Joe, John Halpin, and their team’s judgment on what to do, when to do it, and how things should be done, the favorable result could never have been achieved. Interestingly, it turned out to be the best solution for all parties.”

Closely Held Company | Milwaukee, WI

“As always – I appreciate your quick response. It helps me to sleep better each night.”

Donald Page
Claim Director, RLI Transportation | A Division of RLI Insurance

“At Vanliner Insurance Company, our outside counsel partners are a direct extension of our internal team, and we highly value the long-standing relationships we have with them. We believe that optimal claim resolutions are best achieved via early and proactive intervention, long before traditional litigation ensues. To that end, it is critical that our outside counsel partners are not only aligned with this philosophy, but are genuinely engaged, sincerely passionate and highly skilled in their requisite field. Jack Laffey has been a critical member of our external team for over a decade and continues to be a valued partner. We appreciate his technical expertise and open mind, as well as his pragmatic approach to problem solving and dispute resolution.”

Colleen Shepherd
Assistant Vice President, Vanliner Insurance Company

“Jack Laffey is one of four people who’s music recommendations I take as seriously as a heart attack. The other three have each won multiple Grammys.”

Corporate Client
Professional Services Industry, Milwaukee, WI

“Building Service Industrial Supply has been a client of Jack Laffey since 2006. He and his team has represented us as we combated the onslaught of Asbestos litigation. We sought out an attorney that shared our contention that as a “pass through” distributor we should be aggressively defending our innocence in these matters. Jack embraced our position and successfully changed the culture of such suits in Wisconsin, by taking two cases to trial, and winning, without yet having to present a separate defense case at trial. By doing so, the message was clear, BSIS will not sign and settle and will do whatever is necessary to defend our position. We would not be where we are today without the competence, intelligence, energy, and determination of Jack Laffey.”

Thomas Popalisky
Building Service Industrial Supply

“As a businessman I’ve always viewed having a lawyer rather like a nation having an army. They are expensive, and in peacetime, can seem somewhat pointless. But, when you need them, you need a really good one.

Lawyers, like armies, come in a variety of configurations. On one end of the scale you have the parade-ground army, helmets and boots polished like the conference room table on the 23rd floor, all arrayed in precise order resembling the richly bound law books surrounding that table. And on the other end of the spectrum are the Green Berets, Delta Force, and the Seals. Nimble, responsive, with a deep commitment to the cause–and not really into marching in straight lines. But quite good at actually fighting.

From personal experience Goode, Leitner, and Farley are in fact nimble,responsive, and committed. Our issue involved a regional employee and family-owned business sued in a contract dispute by a major foreign multinational corporation. Our local counsel simply was not up to the task of defending us and at the eleventh hour we retained Goode, Leitner, and Farley. They turned a certain loss into, if not a smashing victory, at least a very reasonable settlement. Their creativity, persistence, and hard work got us to a settlement that preserved the retirement savings and jobs of our employees and gained our shareholders an acceptable return on their investment.

If you are a businessman (OK Goode, in today’s vernacular a “business-person”), are visiting this site, and have read this far, I’ll wager you are already in trouble. There is an issue, you’ve got an opponent, and you need help getting to a resolution. Odds are you’ve come to the right place.”

Patrick McConnell
Clyde/West, Inc.
Portland, OR

“In 2015, I was introduced to Joseph Goode by another attorney who said he would be the person for my case. Now, Joe normally didn’t do cases like mine, but he thought it an intriguing case. So, we signed him up as my attorney.

My husband and I liked Joe from the very beginning and trusted him to do the best he could for me. Our judgement was not wrong. He is the best attorney you could ever hire to help you when you need it. Joe and Jessica, his partner attorney, worked hard and diligently on my case.

Joe proved to be very intelligent in what he does, and also very caring and thoughtful of my feelings about what was happening. We were very, very pleased with Jessica and Joe and would highly recommend them to any one who needs an attorney.”

Kathleen Piotrowski

“I have had the pleasure of working with Joe Goode for the past decade, and continue to be impressed and inspired by his dedication and legal expertise.   Whether it is a simple request or something more in depth, he ensures the needs of our organization, and the animals and people involved, are met.   I really enjoy working with Joe as he brings a unique style and passion for the causes he is involved in.   His incredible energy is engaging and it shows in the work he completes on our behalf.   In addition to Joe, we have worked with several other fantastic attorneys at the firm.   I always know they are there for us and it is a wonderful partnership to have.   They are a great team!   They have and continue to make a positive difference in our ability to accomplish our mission of “Helping People Help Animals.”

Pam McCloud Smith

Executive Director, Dane County Humane Society

Board President, Wisconsin Federated Humane Societies

“Hiring an attorney can be a daunting task.  You can never be sure just how hard someone is willing to fight for what’s right.  When the time came where I needed an attorney, I made the phone call to Attorneys Goode and Farley.  It was refreshing to see a team that is willing to push your case to the limits to fight for what’s right. In today’s world, reputations matter and the outcomes are real!  When it mattered the most, there is no other team that I would have put in my corner!”

Justin Stanford

“I am a business owner and serial entrepreneur. I have used lawyers for over 35 years. I have worked with Corporate attorneys for contracts, Patent and Trademark attorneys, attorneys that specialize in Employment law, Environmental attorneys, Real Estate attorneys, Estate Planning attorneys and unfortunately from time to time when the need arises Attorneys who are Litigators.

I have seen attorneys with the full range of ability over these many years. Attorneys can range from poor to average, good to very good and the reasons for this can be ethics, work ethic or intellectual aptitude. Because of all the boxes that have to be checked in a row it is rare to find attorneys that are excellent.

Joe Goode and Mark Leitner are excellent attorneys. They are both highly ethical people who have demonstrated intense work ethic throughout their lives. When you combine high intellectual horsepower with tenacity that stays consistent over many years you end up with highly trained warriors of the law. If they are on your side they will get to know you and will go to battle for you and will fight hard and smart to their last breath.

In addition to being very smart, tenacious, battle-tested warriors, they are also fair and respectful of others. While these may not seem to be very necessary qualities for a warrior they are for any warrior that is also in the business of team building. Of the few attorneys out there that are excellent some either don’t play well with others or are in the business of taking advantage of their working compatriots. Very bright, tenacious attorneys that are fair and wise enough to create the proper structure will attract other attorneys of like mind and qualities. Birds of a feather flock together.

If you work with Joe and Mark you will not only get them but you will get the same full commitment from their entire team that they demand of themselves. One of the things I learned the hard way is that it is not always a good idea for you to use your general counsel to write your contracts. Most attorneys that write contracts rarely litigate the contracts they write in the event of a dispute. This is a problem because without having to go to battle over the terms and wording of a contract they really don’t learn from the full effect of their actions. The end result is that attorneys often write contracts in vague language (because of being a little unsure and wanting to hedge their bets) that leaves meanings way too open for interpretation. Way too much litigation is spent not arguing facts but rather arguing the interpretation of the contract.

I have come to the conclusion that an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure. So, I choose to have Joe and Mark construct my contracts and negotiate with the other counsel if necessary. Joe and Mark are not only excellent litigators but they also write excellent contracts that will ultimately prevail in the final moment in a court of law. Furthermore if contracts are constructed and written properly the odds of things going irrationally forward are greatly diminished as the vagaries that create grounds to argue are just not there.

In summation if you are reading this and going back and forth trying to make a determination about which attorney or law firm to choose I will tell you from experience and with confidence that their intellectual capacity combined with their full commitment to their clients, tenacity and experience puts them in the rare category of excellence among their peers.

I very highly recommend them.”

Bill Sellars