Last month, LLG Partner Sarah Thomas Pagels presented at the  2018 DRI Young Lawyer’s Conference in Portland, Oregon with Advance Discovery’s Julia Helmer about best practices in managing your e-discovery cases from the pleading stage through trial.  Their presentation provided practical tips for lawyers (both corporate counsel and outside counsel) for all stages of the e-discovery process.  Their presentation highlighted the following:

  • Interviewing potential custodians (the folks you think may have records sources of information, known in the industry as Electronically Stored Information, or “ESI”)
  • Drafting a litigation hold letter
  • Preparing and negotiating an ESI agreement (the court order or stipulation that governs both sides data collection and production processes)
  • Hiring a competent document specialist or e-discovery vendor
  • Complying with jurisdictional rules and guidelines with respect to ESI
  • Preparing checklists and identifying factors to consider with respect to collecting ESI
  • Identifying  sorting and searching that dataset using technology tools and de-duplication strategies
  • Reviewing and producing ESI, and
  • Elevating key documents for use in depositions, motion practice and at trial.

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