Maybe it’s time to play nice.

Maybe it’s time to advocate less and bridge gaps more.

We all know that mediation can save precious time and money, lead to a more flexible solution, and maintain confidentiality. Thirty-plus years of fierce courtroom battles have taught Jack Laffey that, oftentimes, coming to the table isn’t just the better solution, it’s the right one. Through his mediation practice, Jack has helped disputes move from chaos to order, guiding parties out of the dark, adversarial woods, and back into the light.

Maybe it’s time to use 30+ years on both sides of the “v” to resolve disputes, not just win them.

Having worked incredibly complex cases on both sides of the “v” has given Jack a rare perspective as a mediator; a “win” can come in many forms and it doesn’t have to be zero-sum. Getting to the table and staying there to resolve a dispute can be the best outcome, and a mediator with thirty-plus years of first-chair trial experience knows how to keep parties engaged and moving forward through the most complex disputes.

As a trial lawyer, my task is to relentlessly pursue the best result for my clients. Sometimes that requires taking a case through trial. Other times, ever-increasingly, the best results for my clients come from pursuing a settlement path, mostly via mediation.

Having litigated and mediated incredibly complex and high stakes cases around the country, it’s time to take the lessons I’ve learned from being one of the people across the bargaining table and utilize them at the head of the table.

The best results in mediation, like in trial, come from being ready to try your case and to relentlessly pursue that end. I can tell you; the best results come from redirecting that same relentless energy for trial to seeking an agreed resolution.

Jack Laffey – Partner

Maybe it’s time to come to the table.

The best lawyers I know are amazingly adept at the application of judgment to their clients problems. Jack Laffey has built a remarkable career as a trial lawyer using his keen intellect, candor, and, most critically, impeccable judgment in the service of those clients. Direct, and capable of looking at problems objectively, his experience with the thorniest, most complex, and hopelessly difficult cases makes it damn near impossible to show him something he hasn’t seen.

Having participated in countless mediations in my 25-year career, I can’t possibly quantify the enormous value that a seasoned trial lawyer of Jack’s caliber brings to the table as a mediator.

Joseph S. Goode – Managing Partner

If you’re looking for a seasoned trial lawyer who has the experience and focus to work through the issues and the commitment to keep parties at the table, no matter how complex the dispute, reach out to Jack Laffey and Laffey, Leitner & Goode LLC.

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