Mark Leitner & Jessica Farley Receive Major Daubert Ruling
Leitner and Farley score big win.

LLG trial lawyers Mark Leitner and Jessica Farley successfully dismantled another large piece of a plaintiff’s case for their client when Magistrate Judge Nancy Joseph granted their motion to prevent the plaintiff’s expert witness from testifying about damages.  According to the 10-page written ruling, the expert’s assertion that the plaintiff had suffered more than $1.5 million in lost profits was “not based upon sufficient facts or data.”  The opinion, issued after the judge conducted a one-day evidentiary hearing, also concluded that the expert’s analysis failed because he “pointed to no reliable principles and methods used in his discipline.”  Earlier in the same case, Leitner and Farley teamed up to win a summary judgment ruling dismissing the plaintiff’s fraud claim.  This is Leitner’s second seven-figure victory on a Daubert expert-challenge motion.

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