LLG’s Joseph S. Goode Talks Animal Law
In the Fall of 2018, Joseph S. Goode lent his time and expertise at three conferences focused on animal law issues.

In the fall of 2018, LLG Managing Partner, Joseph S. Goode, lent his time and expertise at three conferences focused on animal law issues.

First up, in late September Goode taught a day-long course in Madison on search and seizure laws, the rules of evidence, courtroom testimony, and how to avoid civil liability as part of the State of Wisconsin’s week-long humane officer certification program.

In early October, Goode taught a segment at an all-day conference—The Link Between Family Violence & Animal Cruelty: A Community-Wide Approach to Breaking the Cycle of Abuse.  At the conference sponsored by Sheltering Animals of Abuse Victims (SAAV), an organization dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence protect animals in their care, Goode team-taught his segment—“Legal Strategies for Addressing the Link Between Family Violence & Animal Cruelty”—with Diane Balkin from the Animal Legal Defense Fund, a career prosecutor based in Denver, Colorado.

Later that month, Goode presented at the Badger State Conference hosted by Wisconsin Federated Humane Societies. His talk, “Navigating Your Local Municipal System: Shelter Contracts, Seizure Cases, and How to Insulate Yourself from Economic Harm,” focused on how to help Wisconsin animal shelters and municipalities better navigate animal seizure laws and the detrimental economic impact associated with them.

LLG’s animal law practice is a small but essential part of what we do. We thank Joe for his efforts helping educate LLG’s constituents in this area.

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