Laffey, Leitner & Goode LLC is pleased to announce that our very own Heather Munroe has been named the 2017 Legal Professional of the Year by the Greater Milwaukee Association of Legal Professionals.

Formed in 1958, the Greater Milwaukee Association of Legal Professionals (GMALP) is a nonprofit association whose mission is to help further the education of those in the legal profession, stimulate a high order of business and professional attainment, and further knowledge of the law and uphold its honor and dignity.

Each year, the membership of GMALP selects from its ranks a member to honor with the Legal Professional of the Year award based on a number of criteria including; education, skills and experience, service to the association, and charitable and civic duties.

Heather’s commitment to GMALP includes serving as the former Membership Director and working to revamp the association’s publication, The Preview, and its website, among other contributions. Her dedication to community runs deep, including her assistance this year with ACLU fund-raising efforts, the Neenah/Menasha Boys & Girls Brigade “Adopt a Family” program, and her yearly support of the Human Rights Campaign and Heifer Foundation.

While the entire LLG family is enormously proud of Heather’s achievements and well-deserved acknowledgement, the best person to sum up our collective feelings on this proud moment is founding partner Jack Laffey, who has worked closely with Heather for a number of years.

“In the world of trial work, and a law firm made up of trial lawyers, oftentimes it feels like you’re spending your days spinning like a carousel.  Sometimes that carousel is placid, languid even.  Most times that carousel feels like it’s possessed by demons who have taken all speed controls and tossed them in the can.  If you don’t have a strong axis and an even stronger tether, the whole deal disintegrates.  We have that.  Heather’s the best and no one could be more deserving of this honor.”

– Jack Laffey