LLG is pleased to announce the expansion of its offerings and launch of its mediation and arbitration practice, managed by John E. Flanagan, a partner at the firm.

Robert K. Greenleaf, founder of the modern servant/leadership movement, once said, “Good leaders must first become good servants.” John strives to follow those words, in his personal and professional life.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the youngest (and smallest) of four brothers, John learned quickly the skills and benefits of conflict resolution. John graduated from Marquette University (B.S. with an emphasis in accounting, cum laude) and Marquette Law School (J.D., summa cum laude), and has practiced law for 30-plus years. Being raised in Wisconsin, he is familiar with the people and culture of his fellow Midwesterners. And having worked all sides of business disputes for more than 30 years, John knows what can help drive solutions to cases—large and small. In addition, John is more than a lawyer with strong credentials. During his career, he has volunteered his time at worthy organizations, including serving on the Board of Directors of the Skylight Music Theater (President in 2014) and the Wisconsin Equal Justice Fund, Inc. (President in in 2012).  Simply put, John sees value in his ability to use his career experiences to help resolve disputes, be it as a mediator or arbitrator.

LLG Managing Partner Joseph S. Goode says, “John possesses the right temperament, background, and professional experience to be a great adjudicator and mediator. We are pleased to begin offering mediation and arbitration services and know John will steward the program in the right way.”

“I believe that my arbitration and mediation practice is a further extension of my service to the community and to the justice system, and reflects my desire to assist parties in resolving their disputes.” Flanagan stated.

Whether you are in need of a mediator to help facilitate the parties’ negotiations when they seek to resolve their dispute or a private adjudicator for a matter to be arbitrated, please contact John E. Flanagan to determine if he can be of assistance.