Sometimes in life, you are faced with the challenge and the opportunity to put your money where your mouth is; you get the chance to find out if you mean what you say and will do what is necessary to back that up.

Today, in partnership with our colleagues at Urban & Taylor S.C., Halling & Cayo, S.C., and Salawdeh Law Office LLC, LLG has filed a class action in the United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin captioned Chrystal Edwards, et al. v. Robin Vos, et al., Case No. 3:20-cv-00340. The lawsuit seeks to rectify Wisconsin’s unlawful decision that impaired the constitutionally-protected, fundamental right to vote of the Plaintiffs and the Class of all other disenfranchised Wisconsin voters they represent. It arises out of the nationally notorious, pandemic-flaunting, refusal of the Wisconsin Legislature to delay the April 7, 2020 Spring Election in the State of Wisconsin.

This pro bono representation is not politically motivated. It seeks to vindicate the constitutionally protected, fundamental right of all voter-eligible citizens irrespective of party affiliation to be able to fully and fairly exercise this sacred franchise to participate in the political process of elections.

This pro bono representation is not a partisan exercise. The Republican leaders of the two houses of the Wisconsin Legislature, lead defendants Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald, were the two people endowed with the power to see to it that the voting public of the State of Wisconsin was not presented with the literal choice of either protecting their lives out of concern over contracting COVID-19 or exercising their constitutional right to vote. Protecting the right to vote is not, and should not be viewed as, political.

This pro bono representation is not an ideologically-driven exercise. Preserving constitutionally established and protected rights, and ensuring that the voting process in this state (and in this country) is open and available to all eligible voters, is central to the preservation of a functioning, fair-minded and equitable democracy. The only ideology at play is that American Democracy is worth fighting to preserve.

We say on LLG’s website: “We are committed to justice of all kind by action, not just words. We vow to be great citizens, not just great lawyers. After all, legacies are made up of more than courtroom victories.” It isn’t every day that organizations and the people that make them up are presented with the challenge to decide if you say what you mean, and you mean what you say.

Sometimes that day arrives, and you must make a choice. As fate would have it, that day is today, and today we are in the midst of the worst global pandemic in more than a century, replete with the catastrophic economic impact on all of us. We here at LLG have chosen to stand with our partners at Urban & Taylor, S.C., Halling & Cayo, S.C., and Salawdeh Law Office LLC, to give voice to these values in these most trying and unnerving times.

It is with great pride and respect that we undertake this effort to preserve the sacred right to vote and to protect the health and well-being of the voting public of the State of Wisconsin.

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